Monday, September 8, 2008

Thirsty by M.T. Anderson

In Chris's hometown, vampires are the norm. There's a ritual every year to keep the dark vampire lord in his prison, and the vampires in the area are usually hunted down and killed before they kill too many people. But the vampires are uneasy and beginning to form alliances in order to free their lord from his prison.

But Chris can't worry about that right now. Torn between daydreaming about Rebecca, wanting to be popular, and hanging out with his two friends, Chris has more important issues. Like a thirst he cannot seem to satisfy. And teeth that grow whenever he thinks about blood. Whatever is happening to him, it cannot be good.

A quick and fun novel, full of action, humor, and vampires.


  1. Is this book part of a sequel?

  2. I don't believe it is. He's written a few stand-alone novels, and this appears to be one of them.