Monday, December 22, 2008

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Rose is back in this third Vampire Academy novel. Back at school after the events in Frostbite where Rose's good friend Mason was killed, Rose and her classmates are preparing for their field experience, where they protect their Moroi assignments from attack. To her surprise, Rose is assigned to Christian, Lissa's boyfriend, instead of Lissa herself.

But other things are going on at St. Vladmir's as well. For one, Rose is beginning to think she is going crazy as Mason periodically appears in front of her. Her temperament is even worse than it always has been. And Victor, the man who tortured Lissa and the reason Rose and Lissa ran away in the first place, may be let out of prison and be a free man once again.

And before you know it, Strigoi attack the school and Rose just may have to decide between the Moroi she has sworn with her life to protect, and the man she has come to love.

Vampire Diaries, volume 2 by L.J. Smith

The Fury
Elena has been changed in ways she will never be able to reverse. But that's not all that's changed. Something seems out to get her and her friends, as well as everyone in town. Stefan and Damon have no experience with this--in fact--they don't have any experience in helping each other out either, but Elena is determined to be their common ground and convinces them they need each other in order to save her family, friends, and town. But will they figure things out in time?

The Dark Reunion
Without giving away what happens in the previous book, this fourth book of the Vampire Diaries series begins with Bonnie and Meredith confused about recent events going on around them. Something is once again reeking havoc on the town, and no one is sure what's going on. It seems necessary to bring Stefan back, and with him, Damon, to once again save Fells Church.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

"Alice" was abducted from an aquarium when she was 10 and kept tightly controlled by Ray. Now, at the age of 15, she is getting too old for Ray, as he steadily controls how much she eats, puts her on birth control, and restricts when she can leave their apartment. Ray dreams of finding another young girl he can 'train' and keep. Alice's continual growing annoys him.

Alice can't wait for him to find a new girl as well--fully knowing the end is coming for her. Even though Ray promises they'll be a 'family' with a new young girl for him to focus on, Alice knows better. She knows Ray is going to kill her as soon as he gets his next victim, and she cannot wait for a way to escape this life. Which is why she offers to find his next young girl. But as events unfold and she is faced with the ultimate decision, what will she do?

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Charlotte Usher has always been invisible. She has no friends, no fashion, and no social standing with anyone in her school.

But she begins her sophomore year thinking that will all change. Determined to get the boy she's been dreaming about for two years--Damen--she embarks on a complete makeover to become what she thinks he wants. And he seems to notice her on the first day--mostly because they are lab partners in Physics.

Then tragedy strikes. Charlotte, waiting to talk to Damen after class, chokes on a gummy bear while everyone else ignores her. Now Charlotte is truly invisible to everyone but Scarlet, Damen's girlfriend's little sister. Does she accept the inevitable and stop trying to get Damen to notice her, or just try harder as he starts to notice Scarlet as more than a pest?