Monday, December 22, 2008

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Charlotte Usher has always been invisible. She has no friends, no fashion, and no social standing with anyone in her school.

But she begins her sophomore year thinking that will all change. Determined to get the boy she's been dreaming about for two years--Damen--she embarks on a complete makeover to become what she thinks he wants. And he seems to notice her on the first day--mostly because they are lab partners in Physics.

Then tragedy strikes. Charlotte, waiting to talk to Damen after class, chokes on a gummy bear while everyone else ignores her. Now Charlotte is truly invisible to everyone but Scarlet, Damen's girlfriend's little sister. Does she accept the inevitable and stop trying to get Damen to notice her, or just try harder as he starts to notice Scarlet as more than a pest?

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