Monday, July 6, 2009

The Youngest Templar by Michael Spadlin

Tristan is an orphan, living at St. Alban's Abbey. The monks and the Abbey are all he's known in his short life. The work is hard but Tristan doesn't mind it too much.

His entire future changes, however, when a band of Knights Templar come through the nearby village. Sir Thomas, one of the most honored knights in England, seeks Tristan out to become his squire. The Knights are headed to the Holy Land to continue the Crusades, and Sir Thomas wants Tristan to go along with and train to become a knight.

Not all of the Knights are happy with Sir Thomas' choice or with Tristan himself. Tristan finds himself in danger before the Knights even leave England. Before long, the Knights themselves are cornered in a siege that looks hopeless. Sir Thomas gives Tristan one last duty--to see the Holy Grail back to England, through enemy lines. Tristan's in a far-off land with no idea of how to get home.

The first book in a series, this tale involves action and mystery. The story ends in a cliffhanger, so be looking out for Book 2!

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