Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

Kiss of Life picks up a couple of weeks after the end of Generation Dead, with a few new twists. It's hard to talk about the sequel to a book without revealing what happens at the end of the first, but I'm going to try.

First of all, this book is told a little differently than Generation Dead. This book varies focus on many of the main characters and jumps between what they are all doing. But at the heart of the novel is a story about acceptance, tolerance, and prejudice. And tragedy.

Tommy decides it's time to take his message out to Washington and so he leaves with Karen and Phoebe in charge of his website. The girls grow a strong bond, as Margi and Colette have reconciled and spend a lot of time together. Phoebe struggles to spend time with Adam, and Pete...well, Pete is up to his usual tricks, only this time he has help.

A still very powerful novel. I had to put it down several times today because I was getting anxious/sad/angry/nervous about what was going to happen.

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