Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Robert Langdon is once again on the hunt and being hunted. This time, his friend Peter Solomon has been kidnapped and tortured to reveal his deepest secrets. His sister, Katherine, is also in danger, although she has no idea of what's going on. The clues to Peter's location and what the kidnapper is looking for lead Robert and Katherine across Washington D.C. with the CIA hot on their tail. Many twists, turns, and reversals pack the newest of Robert Langdon's adventures.

The Lost Symbol is full of the same stuff that made The Da Vinci Code a huge hit. There is plenty of history, conspiracy theories, symbolism, action, suspense, and science to keep anyone reading. The book was a little longer than it probably had to be, but that's to be expected. While the ending wasn't a total surprise, getting there was just as interesting and captivating as you would expect.

I may have had a few problems with the plethora of "?!" in the text, but other than that, I found The Lost Symbol another great story.

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