Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

Kiss of Life picks up a couple of weeks after the end of Generation Dead, with a few new twists. It's hard to talk about the sequel to a book without revealing what happens at the end of the first, but I'm going to try.

First of all, this book is told a little differently than Generation Dead. This book varies focus on many of the main characters and jumps between what they are all doing. But at the heart of the novel is a story about acceptance, tolerance, and prejudice. And tragedy.

Tommy decides it's time to take his message out to Washington and so he leaves with Karen and Phoebe in charge of his website. The girls grow a strong bond, as Margi and Colette have reconciled and spend a lot of time together. Phoebe struggles to spend time with Adam, and Pete...well, Pete is up to his usual tricks, only this time he has help.

A still very powerful novel. I had to put it down several times today because I was getting anxious/sad/angry/nervous about what was going to happen.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Nina Harrison has been a vampire for the past 30 years, but never tasted human blood. She's spent that time coping with nausea, weakness, and her generally boring life. She belongs to the Vampire Support Group, a group of vampires who attempt to live without biting humans.

Then one of the members is murdered in his sleep and the group must figure out who the murderer is before they all become victims. Nina heads out with her friend Dave, another vampire, to find the person responsible. They find more than they expected and soon their boring life is anything but.

A great story--I enjoyed reading about a different kind of vampire for once. There's a little bit of romance involved, but not much. Lots of action and an occasional glimpse of a werewolf.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Losing Christina series by Caroline B Cooney

I couldn't believe it when I found this series on the shelf in the library I work in now! I loved this series when I was in middle school.

The Fog
Christina is beginning 7th grade and that means moving to the mainland for school. She'll be boarding with three others from Burning Fog Island--Benj, Michael, and Anya. She isn't looking forward from being separated from her parents, but believes she'll make lots of friends and enjoy school.

But things aren't always as they seem. The Islanders live with the Shevvingtons, and as soon as they move into the Inne, weird things start to happen. Anya believes the sea is out to get her, and can't maintain her grades or interest in anything but avoiding the sea. Are the Shevvingtons causing Anya's breakdowns? Can Christina save her?

The Snow
The winter opens with Dolly, Benj and Michael's younger sister, joining the boarders on the mainland. Dolly's only in 6th grade, but the Shevvingtons pulled some strings to get their next victim in place.

Meanwhile, Christina continues to be careful. She is aware that the Shevvingtons aren't going to just give up on her, Anya, or Dolly. But now it seems like there's someone else in the Inne. Someone else who may have a plan for the girls living there.

The Fire
The end of the school year is near, and Christina can't wait to go home. She figures with only a few days left, nothing can go wrong.

Christina also meets Val, one of the Shevvingtons' victims. During that visit, Val gets the courage to do something she's never attempted--she runs away from the mental institution she was put into. Straight to Christina. Can she save herself and Val before the Shevvingtons find out?

This is a great series and story about a seventh grader who has a clearer picture of what's happening in her life than all the adults around her. Everyone is convinced the Shevvingtons are fantastic people, and only Christina, and their victims, can see the truth. And no matter what, Christina can't give up.

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Something's wrong with the world's teenagers. If they die, they don't stay dead--they come back to life. Sort of. Not your typical zombies though.

Phoebe, Adam, and Margi go to high school with some of those undead. And they join a group that's working towards tolerance and acceptance of the living impaired. Phoebe has an ulterior motive--she has a crush on Tommy. Adam has an ulterior motive--Phoebe. Not everyone is happy with accepting the living impaired in the school, their lives, and in society in general. Tensions build and just when you think this is a simple romance novel, the twists come out to surprise you.

This was a great first novel. I'm not always in the mood for a chick lit, but this wouldn't classify. There are many things about this book that I enjoyed. The sequel, Kiss of Life, is out now too!