Sunday, February 7, 2010

Traitor by Andy McNabb

Danny Watts has always wanted to be in the British army. He's gotten through all the trials, sure he's going to pass, when they reject him. The reason? Danny's grandfather is a traitor to the country. Fergus Watts turned his back on Britain to work for drug runners in Columbia. Danny decides he's going to find Fergus and make him pay for ruining his life.

Fergus is not what Danny expected, when he tracks him down. And Fergus knows Danny was just a pawn to find him for Fergus' enemies--the real traitor. Now the two of them are on a mission to clear Fergus' name and avoid the MI-6 agents that are out to get them out of the way--by any means necessary.

A lot of spy jargon goes into this book, but it all fits. Lots of action, adventure, suspense, and espionage. Fans of Alex Rider and James Bond will eat this book up!

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