Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Torment by Lauren Kate

This is the second book in the Fallen series, so I don't want to say much about it. I do feel I have to say something though, since my feelings towards Fallen were not pleasant.

Torment was much better. My big problem with Fallen was it could have been 3/4 shorter, since hardly anything happens in the book until the end. Torment could have been shorter, but not by much. There are a lot of things going on, and Luce and Daniel are still the main characters, even if Daniel is barely in the book. However, I enjoyed reading the story and could barely put it down.

(One thing I will say about teen romance books in general, though, I'm getting tired of the whole love triangle. Sure, the concept works, but it's so far from reality that it gets a little aggravating.)

Passion is the third book in the series, and comes out next summer. I will definitely be picking up a copy. Fallen was worth sitting through, if only to make it to Torment.

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