Monday, August 15, 2011

Shine by Lauren Myracle

Cat's best friend Patrick was found one morning at the gas station, tied up with a gas pump nozzle shoved down his throat. The police are placing blame on outsiders, while Patrick lies in a coma. Cat's own relationship with Patrick has been strained--she's shut him out since the awful incident she went through a few years ago. She feels partially responsible--if they had been getting along, she would have been with him that night.

Cat also doesn't believe Patrick was attacked by outsiders. In fact, she knows exactly who attacked him and left him tied up to die. Her only problem now is proving it. But her searching into Patrick's last night opens a whole can of worms involving her brother, her past, and the whole community. Until she becomes a target.

Mostly about Cat, the town, and life in the South. The ending has a slight twist to it, but not unexpected. I enjoyed the story and unraveling the mystery and secrets of the town and Cat.

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