Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan

The events of Sept 11th changed things forever.  For New Yorkers Claire, Jasper, and Peter, things will never be the same.  Claire, when the first tower is hit, only thinks of her mom and younger brother.  They aren't allowed to go home, and for Claire, the whole event has changed how see sees things.

Jasper sleeps through the whole attack.  He's hungover and unsure of what's going on.  He does know it's big--and he can't get away from it.

Peter actually sees everything and he feels it keenly.  He was suppose to go on a date with Jasper that evening and he goes to school with Claire.

As these three are drawn together by what has happened, Levithan provides a perspective of what being in NYC during and after 9/11 was like.

A moving and short book.  Claire is the most developed, or at least the one I liked the most.  Told from all 3 viewpoints.

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