Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mob Princess: For Money and Love by Todd Strasser

Kate has an unusual life. She tries to be a normal junior in high school, but it never quite happens.

Most of the people in her hometown think they know what her dad does. They aren't sure, but they think so. So when her boyfriend tells her she's not meeting his needs, he worries about her dad coming after him. Thanks to the Sopranos, everyone assumes they know what happens when you cross the Blessing family.

But Kate has bigger problems. Her mom decides to leave her dad after one too many infidelities. Her dad is about to lose control over his "crew". And the family is falling apart. Unless Kate can do something to save it. And she has other problems now too--she's fallen for her father's biggest enemy's son.

A great short read--some action, some romance, and a quick read!

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