Monday, March 31, 2008

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Rose and Lissa escaped from their school almost 2 years ago. Since then, they've been wary of being hunted by guardians of the Moroi, and the Strigoi. Until one night, when it seems they can't escape.

But they're captured by the guardians, who only want to return the girls to the academy, not the Strigoi who would kill or convert them. Well, convert Lissa. Rose is her guardian and a dhampir. Both need to finish their schooling so they're prepared for the outside world full of Strigoi.

Rose and Lissa both have a hard time fitting back into their routine. There are rumors floating around about why they ran and what Lissa can do with her powers. And someone seems to have it out for Lissa, and if Rose can't find out who, they'll both be in more danger.

An exciting read. The ending more than makes up for the slower pace in the middle of the book.


  1. i relly like both books. hom many more r there? what happens 2 rose?

  2. There is a third book coming out in the fall, according to Richelle Mead's website.


    Im an trying to get ahold of the author because my friends and I are deeply disapointed with the third book! Firstly we loved her first two books so much that we thought they would be the next twilight series. Mason's death in the second book really was horrible however we were able to deal with it. I mean you cant have everyone live. But DIMITRI!! Cummon! I couldnt believe it after all that happened betweent hem and figuring out that plan. Even if he turns strigoi but still Loves rose it would be horrible but not as bad as Rose killing him. If rose kills him its like killing Edward in twilight and having Bella go out with Jacob. In the academys way/ Dimitri dies/ turns strigoi, rose finally kills him and then she ends up with Adrian! Anywho i could go on forever the point i wanted to get across to the author if she ever reads this is tooo pleasseee fix the book! Your still can my four friends and myself are soo mad, we now have to wait til september holding a grudge with you.

  4. Rose is just like me ecsept u know nshe is a dampir and stuff. we both have a temper, and would do anythngbto keep my best friend safe.