Monday, November 10, 2008

Vampirates: Blood Captain by Justin Somper

Connor and Grace are back yet again in another chapter of their adventure. Grace is back on the Vampirates' ship, The Nocturne, while Connor is living a pirate's life aboard The Diablo. Grace is struggling to help Lorcan, the vampirate who rescued her from the sea and went blind while trying to brave the sunlight to save her in Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean. Now they are traveling to Sanctuary, a place where vampires tired of the evil they do come to join others who can control their bloodlust.

Connor is having problems of his own, as he struggles with having killed a man in cold blood. He never thought it would happen the way it has, and he doesn't know if he can continue in his life as a pirate. Broken, he runs away from the life he once enthusiastically embraced, and attempts to find his own path, knowing he cannot join his sister.

However, there is mutiny on the vampirate's ship, from Connor's own friend and ally. The Captain is in grave danger, and the vampires are revolting. What will happen to the world with renegade vampirates on the high seas?

Another fantastic novel. Well-written and action-packed, there is enough here for everyone. Yet another book will follow...

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