Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Declaration by Gemma Malley

In the future, everyone takes a drug called Longevity. Because of this drug, no one dies. To relieve the strain on the world's resources, if you take the drug you aren't allowed to have children. Imagine a world where there are no children.

But some people have children anyway. When their caught, they're sent to jail, and their children are either killed or sent to a detention hall to learn how to become servants to the Legals.

Anna is one such child. Captured when she was two, she's only known life at Grange Hall. She's strived her whole life to make up for her parents' Sin and become a Valuable Asset to the world. She's so close to being given to a Legal and leaving the hall for good. And then Peter comes.

Peter's also a Surplus, and been on the Outside for most of his young life. He says he came to Grange Hall for one thing--to find Anna. He knows her parents and they want her back.

Now Anna has to decide who she's going to believe.

It's scary to think of this being a possible future. The story is well told and written. Anna's story is touching and heartbreaking.

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