Monday, September 28, 2009

The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children by Keith McGowan

It's Hanzel and Gretel all over again...only not. Sol and Connie move to Grand Creek with their family to start over. What they don't realize is their parents moved there for a specific purpose. There's a fable told of a witch that takes troublesome children from their parents. But Sol and Connie aren't troublesome--just unwanted. But they don't know that.

Sol and Connie wonder when they don't see any other children in their new town. And they wonder when the next door neighbor, Fay Holaderry, takes a special interest in them. There's something not right about her.

An illustrated story about a brother and sister who are fairly clever and knowledgeable. Fans of Lemony Snicket will also enjoy this novel!

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