Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont

Sydney is sixteen and has a problem--she's pregnant. And when she and her friend Natalia are caught stealing Natalia's parents' car, neither share Sydney's condition or the fact Sydney was trying to tell Tommy, the baby's father.

The last straw, Sydney is sent to her dad, who then sends her on a canoe trip in Canada for a month. No technology, just a group of teens camping in the wilderness. Then surprise--Natalia's parents think it's a suitable punishment for her as well, and both girls are in the wilderness together. Sydney had hoped she could forget about being pregnant for a while--but Natalia thinks and talks about it through the 4 weeks.

Along for the ride comes boys, friendship, and food poisoning that ends in Sydney's decision about the pregnancy.

Sydney is your typical teenager--she gets into trouble and can't tell her mom the real reason behind it. She forgets about the pregnancy for as long as she can, ignoring the whole issue until she can't anymore. This is one of the rare books that tackles the issue of abortion without being didactic. The only thing I wish is the book had some resources for girls in Sydney's situation. The book is very realistic and poignant.

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