Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My So-Called Death by Stacey Jay

Karen didn't know she had a genetic mutation that would keep her alive when she fell off the top of the cheerleading pyramid in front of the whole school.

Now she's head to a boarding school for the Un-Dead. As soon as she arrives bad things start happening. Some students at DEAD aren't mutants like her--they were raised from the dead by a magician and rescued. Those students are now in jeopardy, including Karen's new friend Trish. Girls have been found with their brains missing and Karen and Trish are determined to find the culprit. Karen gets distracted by cute Gavin--her number one suspect and then Trish is attacked. Now Karen and Gavin must find the attacker before they're the next victims.

An interesting paranormal romance--all the elements are here. There's a lot of description from Karen about being a zombie (including brains and eating them). The real killer is one of the plot twists and Karen's reaction to everything is as well. I wouldn't say this is on par with Jay's other Undead series, but I still enjoyed the story.

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