Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taken by Norah McClintock

Stephanie hasn't gotten along with her mom since her dad died and Gregg came into their lives. Her mom seems happy with Gregg but Stephanie can't stop comparing him to her father. She doesn't understand how her mom could have moved on so soon.

But that isn't the only thing going on in Stephanie's life. Two girls matching her description have gone missing, one soon after the other. The first girl's body is found and it's only a matter of time before the second one is too. Everyone has been warned to go nowhere alone, but Stephanie figures the walk home from the bus stop is populated and nothing will happen.

Turns out she was wrong. Finding herself tied up in the middle of unfamiliar woods with no food or water, Stephanie knows she doesn't have long before the serial killer comes back to finish her off. She has to keep her wits about her, escape, and find someone to help. What if she can't find help before the serial killer finds her?

A short but engrossing book. I'm not one much for suspense, but this book pulls it off well. Stephanie does have some wilderness survival training, so most of the book is about her traveling through the woods to find help. The story ends with a twist that isn't all that unexpected, but still works with the story. Lots of action.

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