Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Stolarz

Camelia is your typical junior in high school. She has good friends, gets along with her parents, and has, to this point, not caused any trouble. Then Ben, the new guy, saves her life. And she can't stop thinking about him.

So when the first picture appears in her mailbox, she shrugs it off as a joke. Then a gift appears on the window sill of her second story bedroom. Then the phone calls. And even more pictures appear. Her friends all suspect Ben, who has a mysterious past including the suspicious death of his last girlfriend. But Camelia isn't so sure. And the stalker isn't willing to wait for her for long.

Lots of suspense and romance thrown together to balance nicely. You aren't sure who Camelia can trust through most of the book. Every few chapters you get insight into the stalker's mind, but the author is careful to give hints about who it could be without throwing suspicion on anyone specifically. There is some paranormal stuff thrown in here as well with Ben's gift. A well-written suspenseful novel--I can't wait to read Deadly Little Lies.

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