Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Mark by Jen Nadol

Cassandra, or Cassie, has a gift--or a curse. She sees a mark on people the day they will die.

When she sees the mark on her grandmother, she spends most of the day trying to save her life. To no avail.

When she sees the mark on her new boyfriend after going to live with her aunt, she intervenes and saves his life. Now she's forced to show him she can really tell when people will die, but should she?

Once she convinces him, Lucas is obsessed with her cheating death by saving the ones she sees are Marked.

Will learning more about her family and her past help her decide if she can--or should--save people?

Interesting concept, not well put together. The story is entertaining, but there are a few plot developments that could have developed more effectively. On the whole, the book was an interesting read and I enjoyed that aspect of it.

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