Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Skinned by Robin Wasserman

Lia had everything, until a freak accident ruined it all. Her body was destroyed in the car crash, so her father had her brain downloaded into a mechanical body.

Not only does she have a hard time accepting her new body, but her life has drastically changed along with it. Her friends and boyfriend abandon her, her sister Zo is now living the life she had, and her parents can hardly look at her, even though they were the ones to make the choice. Lia's only friend is Auden, one of the outcasts at her school she never paid attention to before.

She's unsure if she should try to fit with the humans or spend more time with the other people like her. Mechanical. Her choice could be the last for Auden.

A good sci-fi story--takes a bit to get started, but then it moves quickly. Lia is a selfish creature who ends up putting everything she cares about in danger. Interesting enough for me to want to read the sequel, and a third book is coming out as well.

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