Monday, December 6, 2010

Boarder Patrol by Erin Thomas

Ryan is determined to be a professional snow boarder, so he practices whenever he gets a chance. Pretty easy when you're a junior Ski Patrol. So when a famous photographer catches him dinking around, he thinks he's got his shot.

Which then turns bitter when his snowboard is stolen. Kevin, his cousin, gets it back for him, which makes Ryan wonder just what Kevin knows about the string of stolen ski equipment.

His determination to get to the bottom of everything and learn the truth puts his own life, and Kevin's, in danger. And his chances of going pro along with it.

A quick novel, as this is one of the Orca Sports series. The pace is steady and the action keeps coming. A little easier to read for those who know the lingo, there's enough here to keep anyone turning the pages. Enjoyable and fast.

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