Monday, December 6, 2010

Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck

Kerry believes her life is on it’s way to the top—she’s a sophomore invited to sit with the three most popular girls in school at lunch!

And while no one questions Tonya, Kerry can’t believe her luck until she learns she’s expected to give something in return.

At first it’s just pranks, but when Tonya, Natalie, and Makenzie die in a freak car accident that could have included Kerry, she starts to wonder if they might want or need something else from her too.

It took a while for me to get into this book. Kerry narrates her tale, and while interesting, the best part of the book happens in the later half. Not a huge fan of Peck's work but the horror in this one makes it worth it...for the most part. The ending is anti-climatic, and the beginning is slow, but the middle and last half of the book are interesting enough to keep reading.

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