Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

John Wayne Cleaver is fascinated by serial killers. He studies them and knows what makes them tick. It's a passtime for him, but so much more. John knows he could easily become a serial killer, but he doesn't want to. So he studies them and sets up rules for himself to avoid following that path.

Then someone is murdered in their little town of Clayton. John immediately believes it's the work of a serial killer, but it takes two more deaths to convince others he knows what he's talking about. And since he knows serial killers, he feels he's the best qualified to figure out the guy's next move.

But what he finds he could never have anticipated. And in order to defeat the killer, he may have to let his own monster loose.

A little grotesque, but pretty good. John is a great narrator. I would recommend not eating at the beginning of the book--the embalming process is explained. Enough happens even when it seems like nothing is happening to keep you interested.

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