Saturday, April 30, 2011

Warrior Woman by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Ok, this isn't really a teen book, but I love Marion Zimmer Bradley and thought I had heard of all of her books (knowing I hadn't read all of them!), so I thought I'd pick this one up.

This is the story of Zadieyek, who has no memory. The first thing she remembers is a trek across the desert and being raped. A lot. But soon she's sold to be the concubines for gladiators--until she defends herself against one gladiator and kills him. Now her 'job' is to fight in the gladiator arena.

For Zadi, that's not a bad life. It isn't one she would have chosen, but she has no memory of life before. She's taken into the home of a rich patron--a woman--and given the task of finding other warrior women who wouldn't mind fighting as gladiators. This takes her over the same desert she was dragged through before, only this time, her memory starts to return.

Ok, so I did enjoy the book, although it was extremely short. A lot goes on, many avenues are started and then not explored, and Zadi only fights in a couple of matches in the arena. This is definitely fantasy, especially when you find out who Zadi is. Maybe not Bradley's best work, but I enjoyed it all the same. Reminded me a little bit about the Darkover novels, although I only read the first one.

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