Monday, May 23, 2011

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series by Heather Brewer

Eighth Grade Bites
Life isn't perfect for Vlad, but things are pretty good. He's got his best friend Henry, who he accidentally bit when they were 8, his aunt Nelly brings blood home from the hospital, and 8th grade could be worse. He misses his parents terribly, and believes he's the only vampire left.

This year brings about changes...especially in his need to eat and control his temper. And Mr. Craig, his favorite teacher, goes missing. Mr. Otis takes his place, and seems to know that Vlad is a vampire. Vlad finds his dad's journal and learns some startling truths--like he's not the only vampire and he's been hidden from the others his entire life. They now might know where he is and are coming to get him. To make him pay for his dad's crime.

A good start to the series. There are enough things left unexplained to lead into the next books. Vlad is a great character, but not the only one.

Ninth Grade Slays
Vlad survived 8th grade and now begins his freshman year of high school. Henry's cousin Joss has come to stay with him and Vlad is happy to have another friend--especially when Henry is busy or when Vlad's getting picked on.

Vlad also gets an opportunity to develop some of his vampire powers, which should come in useful when his life is in danger. Which is sooner than he would have thought, as an old enemy comes back determined to take him out, by any means necessary.

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