Monday, May 23, 2011

Surviving South Side series

Bad Deal by Susan Korman
Fish hates his ADHD medication, so when Ella, a popular girl at school, needs help staying awake to study for tests, Fish doesn't see the harm in giving her a few of his pills. Soon he's selling his meds to several of his classmates, with the demand growing every week. Until he thinks he could get caught.

Recruited by Suzanne Weyn
Kadeem is a pretty good quarterback--good enough to get the attention of scouts anyway. One scout in particular--from Teller--is especially interested. He buys Kadeem dinners, introducing him to some of the cheerleaders, and letting him know they'll help with his grades if need be. When he's asked to help expose Teller's illegal recruiting practices, Kadeem has to choose between what's right and his future.

Plan B by Charnan Simon
Lucy has her whole future planned. Her boyfriend Luke is going off to college next year on a baseball scholarship and she'll follow him a year later. They'll both get teaching degrees and teach at the same school. They'll get married and everything will be perfect.

Then Lucy gets pregnant and everything changes.

Beaten by Suzanne Weyn
Paige is dating Ty, a moody football player who has his future riding on getting a football scholarship and getting away from his abusive father. Paige tries to stay upbeat for him, but that doesn't seem to help. Then he hits her. She hides it from her mom and friends. Then Ty loses a big game and he really takes it out on Paige. Her mom decides to press charges and Paige has to accept he's never going to change.

Shattered Star by Charnan Simon
Cassie's a great singer--good enough everyone thinks she has a shot to make it big. She skips school one day to try out for a national competition, but after a day of waiting, she's frustrated. In walks Mr. King, a talent scout who promises her he'll give her a chance.

He doesn't tell her what she'll have to give him in return. Besides all her money.

There's another book in the series as well, but I didn't get a chance to read it. We own all of the Bluford High series, and I can see these will be popular with the same group of readers. They're short and full of drama. A couple of them skipped the editing process from the looks of it, Beaten is told from Paige's point of view, but the back cover has some other person named.

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