Monday, December 19, 2011

Siren's Storm by Lisa Papademetriou

In the tiny seacoast tourist town of Walfang, Will and his family live year-round selling flowers, home-baked products, and food to the seasonal crowd. Last summer tragedy struck when Will's brother went out on his boat one night. His body has never been found and Will has very dim memories of that night--for some reason he was on the beach but doesn't remember how or why.

When a hurricane is predicted for their little town, Will knows he needs to go to the harbor and help his uncle secure their boat. On his way, he runs (literally) into the most gorgeous girl he's ever met. With his truck. When he looks for her, she's gone. After heading to the docks to help his uncle, he sees her again, climbing down the rocks to the beach. He then runs into her again, this time working at the local diner his best friend Gretchen also works at. The mysterious girl's name is Asia and there is definitely something strange about her.

All Will cares about is she may know what happened to his brother. Before he can swallow the truth, he may have to save his best friend too.

I admit to liking books that take Greek mythology and twisting them to fit into today's world. This one definitely does that. The sirens from Odysseus' time make a new appearance. Will is a good main character who will hopefully be more fleshed out (along with Gretchen) when the sequel comes out.

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