Monday, December 19, 2011

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

Scott begins his freshman year of high school with very little expectation and a whole lot of worry. He wishes his big brother was around to tell him what to expect, but since he never graduated from high school, Scott isn't sure what kind of advice he'd give.

Then Scott's parents announce they're pregnant. Still reeling from the idea, Scott decides to write down tips and tricks for the unborn sibling for beginning high school. Just so when that person enters high school, Scott can act as a guide for him or her.

Other things are going on in Scott's life though. He's trying to get Julia, a girl he's gone to school with for years, to notice him. He runs for student council because she does. He joins the school newspaper because she wrote a story. And he tries out for the school play because he hears she's going to. All of these plans backfire on him. In the meantime, he might just learn what being in high school is really like...

And what a ride it'll be.

Hilarious, sweet, and completely realistic. I highly recommend this for anyone to read. We read this for my book club and we absolutely loved it. It is a little dated, but you'll never even notice!

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