Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Mason's mom is in a fatal car accident, so he's at the hospital when his school is blown up. Now everyone he's ever cared about is dead.

Aries is on the bus on the way back to school when the earthquake hits. Her best friend Sara doesn't survive and a stranger, Daniel, tells her to find a place to hide. He warns her things are going to get worse.

Clementine is at an emergency town meeting with her parents, worried about her brother Heath, when two men armed with guns enter the room. Clementine's mother makes her run...before everyone is shot.

Michael is on the road with his buddy Joe when they see a driver purposefully run a motorcyclist down. When the cops come, they kill the driver. Michael and Joe hitch a ride before they're next.

Something is really wrong with the world, and as these four teens try to survive in a world that has gone completely crazy, only one thing is for sure. They won't survive long.

A great dystopia! Hard to put down yet hard to keep going. The story focuses on five people (yes, I know I only mentioned 4) and switches from story to story. The things that happen to some of the characters during the story are disturbing. But the story is hard to put down.

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