Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alibi Junior High by Greg Logsted

Cody has lived in almost every country in the world and knows five languages. He helps his dad profile suspects for the CIA. But one of those suspects gets too close, and Cody has to stay with his aunt while his dad tracks down the man trying to kill them.

Cody is unprepared for the dangers of middle school. He has no idea how to manage the other students and he already knows everything they talk about in class. The bright spots in his life have narrowed to his aunt, his aunt's neighbor Andy, and the girl he likes--Renee.

But someone is stalking through the yard at night spying on Cody. And before he knows it, that someone gets the drop on him.

Interesting story--it seems a little far-fetched. But Cody is a believable character, and anyone in or out of middle school will recognize a lot of his struggle to fit in and become invisible. There is enough action throughout the book to stay interesting. A good quick read.

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