Sunday, November 29, 2009

Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor

Toby has a secret dream--he wants to be a chef. So when he gets a job at a new pizzeria, he's thrilled! He starts with Annabel, Strobe, and David, and can't imagine a better job. He's already thinking of opening his own place and what recipes he'd like to create when David reveals his true identity and the real purpose behind Killer Pizza.

Killer Pizza is a front for Harvey's true business--monster killing. There are monsters everywhere, monsters called gutlata. Harvey's team of MCOs (Monster Combat Officer) find, fight, and kill gutlata before they convert or kill humans. Harvey is hoping to take down the Alpha and take out the whole pack of gutlata, with or without their help. Even though Toby just wants to create pizzas, he finds himself unable to turn down the chance to be a hero.

An exciting story with many twists, turns, and action. The fighting between humans and gutlata are well done, varied, and throughout the novel. There are many creepy moments--not really scary ones--and Toby and his friends are completely believable characters.

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