Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forensic mysteries by Alane Ferguson

This is a great series of books, and I'm going to mention the four that are currently out. I don't want to give away what happens in them by talking too much about the later ones. You can read them in any order that you want, although I think it makes the most sense to start with the first one. There is a lot of science and action in each book, a little romance, and a great story to be told.

The Christopher Killer
Cameryn has always wanted to go into forensic science. Her father, the coroner for their small Colorado town, accepts her as his assistant, so she can learn more about her favorite subject.

But Cameryn doesn't expect to get an intense case from the get-go. There is a serial killer on the loose, and a friend of Cameryn's is murdered.

Frustrated at not getting any leads, Cameryn takes matters into her own hands to solve the murder, possibly at the risk of becoming the next victim.

The Angel of Death
Death strikes again in Cameryn's town, only this death is much more puzzling. The victim, Brad Oakes, was burned alive with no outer burns on his skin. Oakes was a well-liked English teacher at the high school with no problems with anyone.

While trying to solve this mystery, Cameryn has a mystery and a few secrets of her own. Her mom is trying to contact her, and she has to deal with her own feelings as well as her dad's and her grandmother's. On top of which, Kyle, the boy who found Oakes' body, has taken an interest in her, not to everyone's delight. Can she balance everything in her life and figure out who the murderer is?

The Circle of Blood
Cameryn has certainly led an exciting and dangerous life since becoming her father's assistant. One she hopes will start to calm down.

Things aren't that simple. Another girl shows up dead, Justin declares his feelings for her, Hannah, her mom, gives a startling confession, and Cameryn hides details about the murdered girl, since they lead straight back to Hannah. How long can she keep up the charade?

The Dying Breath
Cameryn is truly happy for once in a very long time. She and her mom have reconnected, her dad and grandma are much calmer about everything, and she and Justin have gotten to spend some time together without having to work.

But Cameryn's life is not going to change for the better any time soon. One of the murderers from a previous book is back and ready to make Cameryn his final victim.

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