Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morpheus Road: The Light by D.J. MacHale

Marshall's sure he's going crazy. At first he thought he was just seeing the Gravedigger--a figure he's been drawing all year--outside the window of his house. Then he thinks the Gravedigger is trying to kill him--first at school, then again at home. All Marshall knows is he has to stay put until his dad gets home. Then they can get him help.

But help isn't easy to find. While Marshall is being stalked by a fictional character, his best friend goes missing. And Marshall can't help but wonder if the two things are connected. He heads to where Cooper was last seen with Cooper's sister Sydney. He hopes they aren't too late. But Cooper's life isn't the only one left on the line, and Marshall isn't safe from anyone or anywhere.

A great start to a new series. There's a lot of suspense and terror, but not quite the horror story I was prepared for. The setting and characters are vivid and charismatic--I couldn't put the book down. The ending especially leaves you with expectations for the next in the series. Can't wait!

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