Thursday, June 17, 2010

Secret Saturdays by Torrey MalDonado

Justin and his best friend Sean are tight. Justin's sure they know everything about each other, so when he catches Sean lying about his weekends, Justin doesn't know what to do. Now Sean is skipping class, avoiding homework, and hanging with some of the older guys in the neighborhood.

Justin decides he has to figure out what's going on, so he, Kyle, and Vanessa work up a plan. Meanwhile, Sean, who's never had to use his fists to fight, gets suspended for fighting. Now it's more important than ever they figure out what's going on.

A great and simple story. Told from Justin's point of view, but the story really focuses on Sean and their friendship. It's rare to find a well-written book about friendship between two guys living in the projects in New York and surviving without gangs.

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