Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Valerie is confused, hurt, angry, and scared. Five months ago, her boyfriend Nick opened fire in the Commons at school and killed 6 people before Valerie stopped him. Then he killed himself. The investigation into the shooting revealed the Hate List--a list she and Nick put together of all the people they hated. Almost everyone who got shot was on that list.

Now Valerie is back at school, with no friends and lots of enemies. Her old friends abandoned her, the survivors want her gone, and the teachers and principal watch her for signs of aggression. Even her parents think she had something to do with the shooting. How can she prove them wrong?

This is a powerful story about surviving a school shooting and moving on--not only for Valerie, but the community as well. Valerie's reactions and emotions are realistic as well as many of the other characters. I found the book to be riveting and couldn't put it down. But it was hard to read as well.

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