Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin

Jennie has lost her brother and her fiancee Will to the Civil War. Her place in her aunt and uncle's home is questionable until Quinn, Will's brother, returns wounded. Jennie decided to take care of him, slowing the process of being shoved out into the street.

Only Quinn really knows what happened to Will, and slowly he starts to tell Jennie what he saw. But what he tells her doesn't fit with what she knew about Will, and Jennie starts to doubt she knew him at all. But something isn't letting her forget or move on--she's attacked at night and finds clues that Will is not going to let go of her at all.

An interesting historical story with illustrations and pictures. It all wraps up in the end, but getting there is a little bumpy. I wasn't that drawn to Jennie, and although I liked the ending, the rest of the story wasn't enthralling.

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