Thursday, July 22, 2010

Never After by Dan Elconin

Ricky has been dreaming about The Island for a few nights now, so when Peter appears in his room one night, he figures a short visit couldn't hurt. He's been thinking about running away anyway.

When Ricky gets to The Island, he realizes Peter has no intention of letting him go back home. Ever. Chained up underground, Ricky has no hope of escape--until he's rescued by Alex, Hooke, Nigel, and Oscar. Oscar is captured in the process, so Ricky repays the favor by rescuing her. Together, the group plans on capturing Peter with one goal in mind--getting off The Island.

But they didn't realize Hooke just may have his own plans.

An interesting twist on the Peter Pan legend. Peter is the bad guy here, and you know that from almost the start. There are no adults and no ship on The Island. Lots of action and humor--I was laughing out loud with some of the jokes and pranks the boys played on each other.

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