Monday, January 3, 2011

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson

Jenna lost a year and a half from her life. Something terrible happened and she's just now, at the age of 17, learning how to walk again, speak again, get her memory back, and function. Nothing around her looks familiar, and she can't believe her two best friends (when she remembers that she has best friends) aren't coming around to see her. But her parents moved her from Boston to California while she was still out of it, and she believes that's why she hasn't seen anyone else.

As her memories start to come back, Jenna really wonders what happened to her. Why her grandmother--Lily--can't seem to stand the sight of her. Why she's not allowed to go outside. Why her mother spends so much time hovering. And why they moved from Boston, where her father still works.

Slowly those questions are answered, but only bring up new ones. Including when it's ok to let someone go.

A combination of prose and poetry, Jenna's story is powerful and heart-wrenching. We learn as Jenna does about her condition and exactly how far her parents go to save her life. And the lives of her friends. This did remind me a bit of Robin Wasserman's books, but it is definitely not the same. A good sci-fi novel.

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