Monday, January 17, 2011

Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Finn (short for Finbar) and his family just moved to New York, and not a minute too soon for Finn. He's looking forward to going to a public school (where there are girls) and getting away from his superstar twin.

Finn has some incidents to get through first. He finds out he's allergic to the sun (after a horrible trip to the beach), he gets mistaken for a vampire on the subway, and he doesn't really know how to talk to girls in the first place. Until he realizes his allergy is the key--he can pretend to be a vampire. He does some research and practices being moody, stormy, and standoffish. But the girl he ends up falling for has no time for vampires...especially pretend ones.

I liked Finn and how the book flows. He tells his story as we jump from present to past, then back again. I don't doubt that the people who do pretend to be vampires (or are convinced they are...) would be a little offended by Finn's perception of what it means to be a vampire, but the story is suppose to be amusing, and it works. Otherwise I'd find it sad that people actually believe vampires exist.

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