Monday, January 3, 2011

Payback Time by Carl Deuker

Dan wants to be a reporter. He's a senior this year, and is confident he'll be chosen editor of the school newspaper. When his classmate Alyssa is chosen instead, Dan can't believe it. Even worse, he's given sports instead of features.

Now Dan, or Mitch as everyone calls him, decides to do the best he can. He's determined to find a story worthy of his talent and along with his photographer, Kimi, he thinks he's found one in the new student Andy. Andy also plays football, although he doesn't appear in public to be any good. Catching him playing when he thinks no one is looking, Dan discovers Andy has a lot of talent.

Mitch and Kimi decide they need to expose Andy's story. What they don't realize is why Andy is so secretive.

While the story doesn't start off as a thriller, it definitely ends that way. Mitch or Dan, is a great character and narrator. There is lots of football talk--some volleyball too. But the reader could be confused by what's going on on the field if they don't know anything. Mitch and Kimi spend a lot of time following Andy around and trying to figure out his story, so sports are not the main issue. Many of the characters here are more than 2-dimensional.

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