Monday, June 20, 2011

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

Alex doesn't have a bad life--for the most part. Her mother died when she was young, her father has shut himself off and her sisters don't feel the same way she does about the whole situation.

The only people she counts on are her two best friends--Bethany and Zack. Then she meets Cole, a new student she's been assigned to tutor. Cole seems to understand her from the get-go and he accepts everything. He's so nice and caring. Which is why she can't understand why Bethany and Zack don't like him. Why Cole can't get along with them either.

Then Cole's jealousy gets out of control and he hurts Alex. She's shocked and scared, but when he apologizes, she forgives him. Maybe it was a mistake. Then it happens again. And again. She knows she should leave him, but it's all her fault and everyone will blame her for pushing them away to keep him.

But sometimes things go too far and that decision is taken from you.

This book was utterly engrossing. I was sorry, annoyed, and angry at the characters at different times all the way through the book. Alex's anguish and how she feels about Cole and breaking up with him is very believable and gut-wrenching. Absolutely fantastic.

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