Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Virgin Territory by James Lecesne

Dylan didn't want to move to Florida from New York City, but everything changes when his mom dies. The move was suppose to be temporary, but Dylan's grandmother is in a nursing home and escapes often enough that Dylan's father wants to be nearby.

Then the image of the Virgin Mary appears in a tree on the golf course Dylan works at, and everything changes. He meets Angela and the Virgin Club, where they do what they want and are willing to take the risk. Soon they're all breaking into houses and unknown to Dylan, stealing things. One thing Angela steals is the small figurine his grandmother treasures, and getting it back could be life or death for her.

I did enjoy the book, although if you're looking for more stuff with the Virgin Mary, you will be disappointed. That's the catalyst that brings everyone together, but that's almost a sidenote. A good realistic fiction. Especially with a guy as the main character.

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