Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Venomous by Christopher Krovatin

Locke has problems controlling his anger. He calls it 'the venom' and when he loses control, people get hurt. He doesn't want the venom to be in control at all, but he can't always help it.

Then Locke meets Renee and she seems to have the power to keep the venom under lock and key. His best friend Randall introduces Locke to her and to a whole group of people, including Casey, who has his own dark side to struggle with.

The venom won't stay quiet for long, though, and things are far from over. Can Locke figure out how to conquer it once and for all?

Fascinating book. Locke is a complicated character, and even though I was thinking about Spiderman from almost the beginning...you do want him to figure everything out. The supporting characters for the most part are well-drawn and have their own voices. The venom's voice, when it comes out, is a little creepy.

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