Monday, February 11, 2008

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold by Piers Anthony and Mercedes Lackey

Mazonia is a country completely opposite ours. The women have all the power, and men are mere slaves. You see, women can conjure, and men cannot. So that gives women more power.

Xylina is a young Mazonian, about to do her trial to see if she's fit to be a full citizen. Her trial consists of fighting unarmed an unarmed man. If she succeeds, she has the right to be a full citizen in the Mazonian society.

But Xylina doesn't really care. Her mother is gone and a curse is upon her head to bring harm to any who care for her. And after she becomes a citizen, it certainly seems the curse is in full force. Or is there someone behind the curse, threatened by the ease in which Xylina can conjure?

An interesting tale with twists throughout from two great fantasy authors. Xylina is an engaging and emphathetic character.

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