Monday, February 4, 2008

Wizard's Daughter by Catherine Coulter

Wizard's Daughter begins with Nicholas Vail, a newly titled earl who goes to London to seek out a specific young woman. Why he does this, he is unsure--he just knows he has to meet her. And she turns out to be Rosalind de La Fontaine, a beautiful 18-year old who has no real idea who she is. Found beaten and bloody when she was quite young, the only thing she remembered was the bit to a song.

Nicholas and Rosalind quickly marry and return to Nicholas' house, where all sorts of things begin to happen. There's a ghost living in the library. Books appear, books that only Rosalind can read. And a nagging sense that Rosalind is not her real name--and her history is tied up with mysterious tales of the Pale.

An engrossing read, although the ending was added a little too easily. The novel is long, and some of the details are confusing, but the overall story is engaging.

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