Monday, February 4, 2008

Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

You think you know vampires? You don't know vampires like this one!

Jordan has a very crappy life. Her mother and stepfather barely pay attention to her, she has no real friends, and her ex-boyfriend--the only guy who appears to care for her--is dead. Or so she thought. Michael begins to appear at her window every night, begging to be let in. For 3 months! Jordan tries to deny him. Every night she gets a little weaker as he begs and pleads with her to let him in.

And then, for the first night in 3 months, she isn't home when he comes. But her former best friend is there, and sees him. She accidently tells him where Jordan is--at a party--and then frantically tries to get ahold of Jordan to warn her. Is Jordan safe outside when she's barely safe indoors?

Looking for a thriller? This story takes a bit to get going, but by the end, you'll swear someone's knocking on your window.

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