Friday, February 8, 2008

Quad by C. G. Watson

Someone is out shooting people in the quad of the high school. But who?

Everyone has their own theory about who it could be. None of them guess the right answer. All they know is someone is out in the middle of the quad with a gun, and at least one person is dead. But no one knows why. Not yet.

A great book about the pressures high school students go under everyday--especially from their peers, and what it might take for them to crack. Who could you have pushed a little too far?


  1. This book was an amazing read! I read it in a day and a half - usually takes me a couple weeks to finish a book - no matter the size. I found myself relating the one of the characters so closely it was scary!

    What will it take for you to reach your own breaking point? ... Or, how close are you to pushing someone else to their breaking point? This book really brings reality home, and shows us that we really do need to stop and think about what we say, do etc to our peers.

  2. this book is AWSOME, and very relatable, i think its so great how it understand what teens go through in highschool, nd how no one really see's the truth behind the curtain, how far people really get pushed . . .anyway bravo watson, keep it up!!!