Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Luce is being sent to reform school, after the mysterious death of a boy she liked. Luce's parents send her to Sword & Cross school, a rundown school near home.

The school is nothing like Luce is use to--the campus includes a cemetery and a staff that expects nothing but the worst from the students. Luce struggles to fit in, becoming friends with the strange Arriane and Penn. She finds herself drawn to both Daniel and Cam. Cam returns her interest, but Daniel can't seem to decide if he likes her or hates her.

Luce deals with the reality of school and her infatuation with both Daniel and Cam while keeping her own secrets--she can see shadows. The longer she's at Sword & Cross the more they appear, and it seems Daniel can see them as well. Luce can't get over the idea that she knows Daniel from somewhere, and she wants to know what's going on and what the shadows really are.

This book is the first in a series. The action in the book really picks up in the last third, while the rest of the story is busy setting up background and character development. It's a little bulky, but hopefully the next book explains more about what was left out of this book.

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